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Super Sic Bo Game description

Super Sic Bo meet the new novelty. This exciting game has a croupier waiting to take your bet. Super Sic Bo allows you to feel like you are in a real gambling hall while enjoying exciting gameplay and large payouts. You must correctly guess the outcome of the dice rolls to win. You can place your bets to win a nice prize.

Game Features:

  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Casino advantage: 2.78%
  • Huge multipliers
  • Authentic environment
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Great payout
  • Play on multiple devices

Gameplay Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo tricks

Super Sic Bo is a new game. It uses three dice that have faces ranging from 1 through 6. The object of the game is to predict the outcome of three dice rolls. You will need to click the buttons on your control panel to place a bet. You can place a bet of 0.20 to 2500 coin per round.

This will give you the ability to play with any amount in your account. As usual, the betting period is short. The dealer will begin rolling the dice once the allotted time has expired. The dealer will start rolling the dice once you have won on any number of bets. Multipliers are also available before your winnings are paid.

How to play super sic bo

This super sic bo game requires the player to predict what the three dice will look like before placing bets. The player places bets until the game operator declares that there are no more bets.

You can choose from one number or a whole set of dice that offer different payouts. There are many betting options. The winning areas of the table are highlighted when the results from three dice are displayed.

Defense is the most effective strategy. Defense is the best strategy. This game relies heavily on luck. Therefore, patience is essential. Defense players not only keep more coins but they also last longer in the game.

This is a great way to make huge profits playing Sic Bo. Sic Bo has the best odds of winning, at 2.78%. You can also get the same ratio.

Super Sic bo strategy

Super Sic Bo strategy

Even though some of these Super Sic bo strategies may seem new to novices, they can still be used. However, caution is a good idea for everyone. Beginners can master Sic bo by using the right strategies. It will allow you to minimize your financial losses and help you become more familiar with the game.

This allows new players to approach the game with greater ease. If they feel more comfortable at this level of play, they will move on to the Balanced or Better Sic Bo strategy.

Low-risk strategies have one disadvantage: repetition can be tedious. It is a good practice to have patience and limit your bets in the beginning. This is how you can get the best out of any casino game.

Payout lines

Small/Big 1:1 Even/Odd Double 8-87:1 Any three (3) 30-87:1 Sum 4 and 17, 50-499:1 Summary 5 or 16 ­ 20-249:1 sum 7 or 14 ­ 12-29:1 sum 8 or 13- 8-24:1 sum 9 or 12- 6-49:1 combination 5-24:1

A number is:

On one die - 1:1 On two dice - 2-19:1 On three dice - 3-87:1

The RTP of the game ranges between 95.02% and 97.22%. The second value represents the optimal game for small/large bets, odd/even, or large bets.

Layout live super sic bo

Super Sic Bo

You are immediately greeted by a beautiful girl dealer as soon as the game is opened in live super sic bo. The broadcast is from Evolution Gaming's studio. It has a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere that allows you to concentrate fully on the game. Red is the dominant color in this room.

You can easily follow each step of the process because the gaming table is right in the middle. An interactive control panel is located at the bottom with all options.

Dealers and language

English is the standard language for the game. Evolution Gaming offers many customization options that allow providers to request the product in different languages.

Video Description

Super Sic Bo game will be broadcast live in HD. Two cameras are installed in the studio, which allows you to see every move of each croupier. The first camera shows the entire table, dealer, and studio. The second captures the dice being shuffled. There are no slow motion replays. All past rounds results can be viewed in our history section.


Super Sic Bo online features an engaging gameplay and a convenient control panel at its bottom that allows you to manage your bets. The panel also has 'Undo" and x2 options. The first option removes the previous bet and the second allows for you to double your chips. Super Sic Bo is compatible with any modern device. Because of its large screen size, a tablet, desktop or laptop is the best choice.

However, you can also play Super Sic Bo from your mobile phone using the landscape orientation. Super Sic Bo also offers two modes. The first will show the entire studio. The control panel will be displayed after each round. The second will have the table croupier and the user interface simultaneously.

Interfaces for Desktop and Mobile

The game was developed in HTML5 and is optimized for every type of device, no matter what their OS. Both on mobile and PC, players can enjoy high-quality audio and video effects. All game options are also available in both.

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